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  •  Unlimited Access To Dance Specific Training
  • ​30 Days "Body Transformation Challenge"
  • ​Nutrition For Dancers 
  • ​Flexibility For Dancers
  • ​Mobility For Dancers
  • ​Dance Specific Abs 
  • ​Dancers Master Mind 
  • ​Bachata Booty
  • ​​Secret Facebook Group (A community of like minded supportive Dancers )
  • ​​Webinars
  • ​​FREE Accelerator Coaching Call
  • ​​Kettlebell Flow For Dancers (BONUS #1)
  • ​​Stretching For Dancers (BONUS #2)
  • ​​Knee Rehab for Dancers (BONUS #3)
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NUTRITION E-BOOK FOR DANCERS: Intermittent Fasting - Everything You Need To Know by Sebastian Carlos Kruse (Coach Sebastian). This E-book will provide you with everything you need to succeed as a Dancer with your nutrition. *Shopping List Included* NOW ONLY 9.97€

  •  Unlimited Access To Dancers Bootcamp Online
  • ​30 Days "Body Transformation Challenge" For Dancers
  • ​Nutrition For Dancers 
  • ​Dance Specific Abs 
  • ​Dancers Master Mind 
  • ​Bachata Booty 
  • ​​Secret Facebook Group (A community of like minded supportive Dancers )
  • ​​Weekly webinars 
  • ​​FREE Accelerator Call
  • ​​Kettlebell Flow For Dancers (BONUS #1)
  • ​​Stretching For Dancers (BONUS #2)
  • ​​Knee Rehab for Dancers (BONUS #3)
  • ​FREE E-book (BONUS #4)
What happens after 14 days?
Within the first 14 days we truly hope you have tried out some dance specific training videos. Your free membership ends after 14 days and you will pay 19€/month for as long as you decide to stay. You can cancel whenever you want with one click from inside your membership area. 
How can I secure my success with DBO?
There are quite a few things you can do to increase your chance of success with Dancers Bootcamp Online. 
- Follow the Weekly Updated Schedule (Structure)
- Join the Webinars (Mindset & knowledge)
- Join the Live Workouts (Community)
- Interact in the FB-Group (Accountability)
- Find a accountability partner in the FB-Group (Accountability)
- Follow Coach Sebastians IG @Sebastian_Befit (Inspiration, Knowledge, Community)
- Follow Coach Sebastians Youtube @Coach Sebastian (Inspiration, Knowledge, Motivation)
Are there only workout videos?
No, there are other videos inside your membership area as well. Nutrition guidance and lessons, mindset videos and also rehab exercises are provided.
What is Dance Specific Training?
Dance Specific Training is a method of training that are made to benefit Dancers in their actual dancing once applied. It increases stamina, strength and at the same time increase flexibility. It's time effective and really is the single most effective way for us dancers to train
What time are the Live Workouts?
All the Live workouts take place directly after our Webinars. You can attend both or just the Live workout where coach Sebastian will guide us through Dance workouts. It could be flexibility training for dancers, cross training for dancers or HIIT training for dancers. All workouts are later uploaded to Dancers Bootcamp Online.
What is the community part?
The community is an essential part of our success, and a way for us all to keep ourselves and others accountable. That is why we have a community of like-minded dancers from all over the world who is using dance specific training inside one closed FB-group. You get direct access from inside your membership.
We have webinars and live workouts that you as a member can attend at no extra cost. We teach you about training, nutrition and mindset. All for you and your new allies! 
Are there any other benefits with being a member?
When you are a member of Dancers Bootcamp you are a part of our family, and we give you discounts on ALL other services and products we have for as long as you stay as a member. Up to 60% discount on personal training programs is only one of them!
Who are the instructors?
Coach Sebastian is our main instructor and also the inventor of Dance Specific Training. 
We also have a lot of guests in our videos and some names are; 
Judith Cordero, Tanja Kensinger, Andrea Michelle, Duran, Jean-Michelle, Maria Puntí, Marcio Ratinho and more..

ONE-CLICK Cancellation

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