We Are A World Wide MOVEment
This is a page made for you to understand the power of Dance Specific Training
You can ignore taking action but you can't ignore the results
"My obligation is for you to succeed both on and off the dance floor.
I do this by teaching you about Dance Specific Training, Mindset, and Nutrition. 
It's all connected and we can not succeed without any of these elements. 
I'm ready to invest in your goals if you are Champ"
Coach Sebastian
Founder of Be Fit And Sensual - Dance Specific Training
The words about Dance Specific Training
from some of the Worlds Best Dancers
Judith Cordero Pereiro
"The Queen of Bachata"
One of  the founders
of Bachata Senaual 
"Dance Specific Training is really By Dancers For us Dancers. It has helped me to stay in shape during my travels because I don't need access to a gym. Anyone can use this method"
Tanja "La Alemana"
Creator of Island Touch & Bachata Legend

"If you are on a busy schedule, there is always time for a workout video in Dancers Bootcamp. Also, this works for whatever genre of dance you are doing, even for a non-dancer, it does not matter!"
Marcio "Salvador" Rathino
International Hip Hop Dancer
Footwork Expert

"This methodology is the key to any dancer! This way of training also helped me get back from a bad knee injury into the finals of juste debout. Sebastian has really found the keys for us dancers"
Creator of Bachata Sensual

"A basketball player needs specific training for a basketball player. If you are a dancer it's the same, we need to train Dance Specific"


The words from our Students

Do you know the power of having acommunity? We will teach you this!
This is one of Elian's many wins in her journey
Have you heard of our 30-day Fatloss Challenge? Martin became the winner of the Challenge Summer 2019
We are super proud of Martin. He truly used the community to his benefits and got some amazing results along the way. This is his before and after photos in the challenge
During quarantine, Emigen made some big lifestyle changes. Talk about amazing results
Everyone competes against themselves and no one understood this better that Emigen during the first 30 days in quarantine. Emigen took his life and dance to a completely new level. He found solutions instead of excuses and that is what its all about
Another example of a Champ Lady. We are so proud of all our students
This MOVEment is made for anyone and everyone. This Champ Lady made crazy progress in her dance and life with Dance Specific Training. Not only physically but also mentally
We are a community that share both our wins and struggles
We are all different but we share one common thing. We all want to grow stronger every day and we need to respect the process. Important to remember is that together we are strong
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