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What is Dancers Bootcamp Exactely? 

Weekly Webinars 7pm CEST

Weekly Live Workouts 8pm CEST


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"Our Mission is to Impact the Lives of 10 Million Dancers World Wide" 

By Dancers For Dancers 
We’ve spent close to half a decade testing and getting feedback from thousands of Dancers from all over the world on our method. The results now speak for themselves. 

The Method proves better performance, fat loss, muscles gain, more energy on the dance floor and much more!

We want to teach you!
This is not just a quick fix program. We want to teach you how to train and live like a Dancer. There is no other place like this on the internet and we take extreme pride in all of our students. Why?
- Because we know that we are a global MOVEment and 
together we are strong.
There is a lot to say about Sebastian.. 
Most importantly is that he will be your coach and help you through many tough workouts once you have your access to your DBO. Sebastian himself is a 
pro-Dancer and the creator of
Dance Specific Training. 
Want to know more about him?

 14 Days Free Trial

Then 19€ / Month

It's Literally Less Than A Coffe per Week.
Hopefully You Are Ready to Invest That in Yourself And Your Dance
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By Dancers For Dancers

Real Students
Real Transformations

Hear What Some of the Worlds Top Dancers Says About 
Dancers Bootcamp Online & Dance Specific Training
Judith Cordero Pereiro
Creator Of Bachata Sensual
"Dance Specific Training is really By Dancers For us Dancers. It has helped me to stay in shape during my travels because I don't need access to a gym"
Márcio Salvador Ratinho
International HipHop Dancer
"This methodology is the key to any dancer!"
La Alemana
Creator of Island Touch & Bachata Legend
"If you are on a busy schedule, there is always time for a workout video in Dancers Bootcamp. Also, this works for whatever genre of dance you are doing, even for a non-dancer, it does not matter!"
Andrea Michelle Chijeb
Andrea Michelle from "Azzedine & Andrea"
"Community is essential for growth. And this is exactly what you'll get"
Creator of Bachata Sensual
"A basketball player needs specific training for a basketball player. If you are a dancer it's the same, we need to train Dance Specific"
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I never want money to be the reason why someone can’t get access to my training content. If you really can’t afford a monthly or annual subscription to, just contact us, and we’ll give you a membership for free.

/Coach Sebastian & Team BFAS